Sony Phone Repair

Smashed your Sony smartphone? We can bring it back to life and make it as though nothing ever happened. No, really!

The best Sony phone repair team

No matter how carefully you look after your smartphone, or how rugged a case you place it in, accidents still happen. If you have broken or smashed the screen of your Sony smartphone, our team in Birmingham will almost definitely be able to bring it back to life.

Similarly, if you have noticed that certain buttons don’t function as they used to, or if the battery is no longer holding its charge, it’s time to find out why Mobile Repairs is the Sony phone repair service Birmingham has relied on for over 15 years.

Types of Sony phone repairs

Previously known as Sony Ericsson Mobile, Sony’s range of smartphones come in all manner of shapes and sizes. We’re familiar with most of them, but here are the most common we are called upon to fix:

  • Xperia X (all models)
  • Xperia E (all models)
  • Xperia M series
  • Xperia Z (all models)
  • Xperia Compact models
  • Xperia Dual smartphones
  • Xperia Ultra models
  • Xperia A
  • Xperia Tipo
  • Xperia Solo
  • Txt
  • All Walkman models
  • Zylo
  • XperiaX10

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The list above is non-exhaustive, so if you have a Sony smartphone that needs fixing and it isn’t listed, get in touch with us today and our team will be able to take a look at it for you and provide an honest repair assessment.

Sony phone repair services with years of experience

We’ve been fixing smartphones of all kinds for over 15 years in our Birmingham workshops. Our team is highly trained in the latest techniques and only has the best tools to work with.

There are now hundreds of online phone repair services, but with Mobile Repairs in Birmingham, you’ll be assured of a service which is tailored to your unique requirements and nothing else.

How long do Sony screen repairs take?

Most of the mobile phone screen repairs we undertake in our Birmingham workshops can be done within the same day via our walk-in service. We hold screens of all types in stock and there’s always a very good chance that we have one for your phone at hand.

Some timescales for models that are a little more rare may extend to a few days, but we know how important your phone is to you and will endeavour to turn around any repair extremely quickly.

Sony phone repair FAQs

 Q: How much will it cost to fix my Sony phone?

A: It depends on the damage in question, but we operate on a strictly no-fix, no-fee basis, so contact us today for a tailored, zero-risk quote and assessment.

Q: Will I lose my data?

A: We always recommend backing up your data before bringing your phone into one of our Birmingham branches, but if data has been lost, it will only have happened during the breakage (i.e. if the internal circuits are beyond fix).

Q: How quickly can I get my phone back?

A: Usually, within the same day. If the parts need ordering, it’ll take a little longer, but no more than a few days.

Q: What happens if you can’t fix my Sony phone?

A: If we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you – it’s as simple as that (although it’s unusual for us to be unable to fix a broken Sony phone!).

Why choose Mobile Repairs for Sony phone repairs?

We’ve built a Birmingham-based business over the course of 15 years that thousands of people have relied on to bring their treasured mobile devices back to life.

We’ll treat your Sony phone as though it belonged to us and will always provide an honest assessment as to whether or not a problem can be resolved and, if so, the exact cost for doing so.

You shouldn’t have to buy a new phone just because you’ve broken your current device, nor should you be burdened with the expensive fixing fees the manufacturer’s charge. That’s why we started Mobile Repairs – we know your smartphone is the hub of your digital world and we want to get it back up and running as quickly as possible for you.