LG Phone Repair

We’re all rather accident-prone at times. If you’ve broken your LG smartphone, don’t worry: our team of fixers is here to help.

Trusted LG smartphone repair

Our phones travel with us everywhere. They are the hub of our digital lives and the one device on which we can contact all loved ones and stay up to date with everything that matters to us.

With that in mind, when they break or are subjected to a heavy fall, it can feel like the world has come crashing down, too.

If you’ve smashed your LG smartphone screen or if your once-perfect device is no longer working as it should, you can call on our experienced team in Birmingham who can bring it back to showroom quality.

We repair all types of LG phone

We have three phone repair shops in Birmingham that are dedicated to fixing a huge range of devices. LG offers many different phones, but here are some of the variants that we see most regularly:

  • X series (Skin, 5, Max, etc)
  • G Pad
  • Stylo
  • K5
  • X Cam
  • G5 SE
  • K series
  • Zero
  • Tribute
  • Spirit

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We can replace broken LG screens, fix buttons that no longer work, replace batteries and carry out cosmetic repairs on virtually every device that enters one of our Birmingham workshops.

If you have broken your LG phone but can’t see it above, don’t worry – we’d be here all day if we listed every LG smartphone we have fixed! Get in touch today and simply tell us the model number and type of damage. We’ll assess the fix and give you a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

LG tablet repair

You’ll have spotted some LG tablet models in the above list, and that’s because our Birmingham team of phone fixers is just as at home repairing LG tablet computers.

If you’ve dropped your LG tablet or if it is no longer functioning as it did when it was first purchased, get in touch today for a free assessment and quote.

Can LG smartphone screens be fixed?

Almost without question, if you’ve smashed the screen of your LG phone, we’ll be able to replace it with a brand new one. We’re yet to come across a smartphone screen that can’t be repaired and made to look like new.

How long will it take to repair my LG phone?

We can repair most LG phones on the same day, within hours. Just give us a quick call beforehand to let us know the model and damage, or pop into one of our branches in Birmingham for a free assessment.

LG phone and tablet repair FAQ

Q: What will happen to my data?

A: When repairing LG phones, we don’t have to touch the data contained on them, but we always recommend backing up before bringing your phone in. If the data was lost during the breakage and the part in question is irreparable, we’re afraid there is no way we can retrieve the data.

Q: How quickly will I get my LG phone back?

A: Usually, on the same day, but within a few days if parts need to be ordered. We’ll do it as quickly as possible – we know how important it is to you.

Q: Can I trust you to look after my phone?

A: We’ve been in the business of repairing mobile devices in Birmingham for over 15 years because we treat every device we fix as though it was our own. You’re in very safe, experienced hands.

Why choose Mobile Repairs?

We’ve been in the business of repairing mobile phones in Birmingham for over 15 years. As devices have evolved, so has our team, and we only use the latest techniques and tools required to bring devices back to life.

We know how important digital devices are in the modern age and understand that being without them for any period of time can be difficult for the user. That’s why we offer a same-day fix via our walk-in repair service.

If it can be fixed there and then, or if we need to order in parts, you can be assured that we will do everything we can to return the phone to you in as-new condition as quickly as possible.

Your phone is important to you. We’ll make sure it won’t stay broken for long.