The phone repair shop Birmingham has relied on since 2001

We understand that your mobile device is part of you. If it has suffered an injury or no longer works as intended, we’ll help bring it back to life.

Three Birmingham phone repair stores, one mission

Mobile Repairs was established in 2001 with the sole aim of being the go-to service for smartphone and mobile device repairs in Birmingham. Since then, we’ve expanded to three stores based in Marston Green, Acocks Green and Birmingham city centre.

We’ve seen mobile phones grow from simple devices that could handle telephone calls and text messages to the pocket powerhouses of today. As a result, these diminutive machines have become the epicentres of many people’s worlds. They’re communication devices, satellite navigation platforms, gaming machines and provide instant access to the entirety of the world wide web whenever we need it.

When a smartphone breaks, it can feel like losing a limb. We understand that, which is why Mobile Repairs came to be.

15 years of experience with every type of device and problem
We pride ourselves in being able to address a huge number of issues across a plethora of mobile platforms. We don’t just stop at smartphones, either – our Birmingham-based team are just as home resolving tablet problems, too.

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Here are some of the most common mobile repair jobs we perform:

  • Cracked screens
  • Broken iPhone home buttons
  • Battery replacements
  • OS re-installations
  • Water damage repair
  • Speaker replacement
  • Camera replacement

And the devices that enter our workshops on a regular basis:

  • iPhones (every model from the original to the current 6s range)
  • iPads
  • Samsung Galaxy smartphones and phablets
  • Samsung Tabs
  • Sony Xperia range
  • LG X, K, Spirit and G Pad
  • HTC Desire, M9
  • Nexus range

Is your device or problem not listed? Fear not – we’ll take a look at any phone and any form of damage or problem. That’s why you should never hesitate to give us a call when mobile device disaster strikes.

Focused on fast turnaround
Immediacy is our middle name. And that doesn’t mean we rush jobs – it simply means that we can use our wealth of in-house experience to turn around mobile phone repairs in super-fast time. Smartphones are essential devices, and we don’t want any of our customers to be without theirs for any longer than a few hours.

When we started Mobile Repairs, we wanted to establish a walk-in service that people could rely on. Fifteen years later, and this is the most popular type of repair we offer. Unless specific parts have to be ordered or if the damage is particularly extensive, most mobile phone and tablet repairs can be carried out on the same day.

Low-priced phone repairs in Birmingham
We invest continually in the on-going development of our staff to ensure they have the best tools and practices to work from when fixing mobile devices, but we’re careful not to push the cost of doing so onto our customers, which is why you’ll struggle to find a more cost-effective phone repair service anywhere else in Birmingham.

Sending a smartphone back to the manufacturer, or – worse – replacing it entirely is a very expensive business. Both options result in a large bill and a significant amount of time without the device, so why would anyone put themselves through that?

At Mobile Repairs, we are determined to offer the best phone and tablet repair service at a fraction of the perceived cost. That’s why, if we can’t fix your phone (a rare occurrence), we won’t charge you a penny.

Why you should choose Mobile Repairs
We think one thing sets us apart from the rest. And it isn’t our low pricing, deep expertise or length of service – it’s because we treat every device that enters our Birmingham mobile phone repair centres as though we purchased it ourselves. They are treasured devices and the brief time your broken smartphone or tablet spends with us will be akin to a caring hospital visit for a sick patient.

Sound daft? Not at all. You know how much your phone means to you, and we’ll get it back to you quicker than you think and in better health than ever.

Find out why Mobile Repairs is the phone repair shop Birmingham has relied on for close to two decades by getting in touch today.